Pocket Buddy - Virtual Plant App Reviews

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Why this name

I think this game should not be called my pocket buddy my little niece got this game and I watched her play it and it's a game where you grow weed really

I really wanna play

Won't let me open app or download 😫😫


I love this game its super fun but the notification doesn't work. :(


They trick u into growing marijuana. That is the first thing that u grow. If you don't believe me, look up marijuana leaves.😤😤😤 It also says it's for TWELVE AND UP!! A twelve year old should not grow POT!

So much fun

Highly recommend

Just one idea

This really is a fun way for me to pass time but is there a way you can add being able to have more than one pot at a time 🤔🤔

Horrible update

The last update just ruined it.

Green Tamagotchi 🌲🌲

Haha. Fun to take care of. The gameplay is built out much more than I was expecting. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy spending time with your fav trees 🌴🌲🌳

Like it a lot!add more please!

It's pretty fun and entertaining.My only problem is it needs more content.Leveling up is pretty easy so you can get to level 18 pretty fast/easily and at level 18 you've unlocked all the crafts and all the strains so it gets kinda boring.Add more stuff!! :)

it's alright

fun at first but then i realized after i bought coins with my own money and i bought a pot that said the water would last 6 hours, and it doesn't even last two minutes. i can fill up the water meter to MAX, and then exit the game for like 5 minutes, go back and my plant is dying of thirst. gets boring after a while anyways. i agree with the person who said it needs a little spicing up

Not worth the download at this point

The game is glitchy. Growing an 8 hour strain and receiving Schwag buds instead, the watering empties as soon as you leave the app and it needs to reload, so having a 3 hour bucket is worthless. I've used their support link in app, and a week later I have no reply. Would be at least a 3 if my bucket wouldn't constantly empty.

Needs fixing

Great game overall but needs more plants for past lvl 18 and need to fix the bug where when you switch apps is closes out the game emptying your bucket and stopping your timer.

Not worth your time

This game needs major improvements if it wants to be an idle game, I had bought a pot that was suppose to work for 15 minutes. I close the app and go to another then go back less than 15 minutes later and my plant was already thirsty again making me have to keep the app opened for long periods of time with nothing to do on the app. It needs mini games or something to bring it to life.


It's a fun and great game but every time I exit the game the water disappears


Having this issue where I close the game after I have max water and then open it up the next minute and it shows my water pot is empty. Hope this will be fixed soon. I really enjoy this game more than my top favorite games. Thank. And again I love this game lol


Need to fix the water bug that empties the can when I close out the app. Other than that good game

A cute time killer

Funny concept. Easy to play but not the most exciting game.

Super cute game

This game has adorable graphics! I love the way the plants grow and the various bud names are adorable. This game is easy to play and quick to catch on to. It does seem too be a bit simple though.

Okay Game

Easy and self explanatory. It does get addicting though, if you enjoy these sorts of games. Nothing super spectacular, but if you are bored, it will do.


I think it's pretty fun but I don't really smoke weed so a kid friendly version would be great.

Pocket Buddy

This is is awesome. I love that you have to have great eye coordination in order to be able to water the plant. Overall it's a great game.

Pocket Buddy

The gameplay is fun, but I feel it should have more rewards that help with growth time. For instance when you craft different recipes such as Brain Gummy or the Lemon Zest you get more buds or coins. Overall I think its a good game & I play daily.


Fun game. Addicting and entertaining. Easily spent an hour when I first started playing it.

Amusingly Fun

An easy game to play and start. The choices of seeds to plant were amusing and the choices of background, pot and accessories were abundant. Overall the game was fun. The only problems I had with the game was when you leave the game the plant timer stops and all the water you got for the plant disappears.


This game would be more fun if I didn't have to go back and fill up the water every freakin minute. Maybe you should look into a 5 minute watering cycle instead of one minute. Because I know you sure as hell are not going to get me to go back and forth for an hour for one strain

Game review

This game is actually a lot of fun to play. Entertaining

It's ok...

It's funny at first because you get to grow your own weed crops but it's very boring and has no purpose to it other than waiting for the weed to grow and sell it. It's ok I guess if you into this type of games or are bored at of your mind. The idea is interesting but they need to add something to spice it up and make it more entertaining.

Fun at first, but gets a little boring after a while

This game is a fun idea and is "420 friendly", if you're into that kind of thing. The animations aren't bad either. It starts off fun, but after playing for a little while it starts getting really repetitive and you find yourself spending half your time just watering everything. Maybe something could be added to the game to make it more engaging at that level?

Clunky-pothead version of games that exist

The mechanics aren't intuitive and the app feels unnecessary- just a weed filter on top of a game that already exists. Could use some more charm. It is addicting though. I think there's a bug in the watering system. Every time my game restarts the pot it empty of water even if it was completely filled two minutes before.

Good time passer

It's a good way to pass the time on the train or throughout the day


A game about keeping a weed plant as a pet. Didn't know this was missing from my life until now. Entertaining. Great for boring days at work or when your all out of turns on your other games.


It's ok. But don't know how long I will be able to play this game I get bored really easy.but will see


Fun and a little addictive.. learned a little too! ;-)

Needs work

Concept has potential. Basically just a plant watering app so far. Needs some additional activities.


Such a fun game to play, I'm already on level 5 and can't seem to stop!

Cool App!

It's like having my own plant! Growing and selling is cool.

Great Time Passer; Hilarious

This game was introduced to me about 2 or 3 weeks ago. It was described as a "420 friendly" app. I thought that intro was hilarious and gave me some idea as to what I might be playing. Been playing the game on and off since then. Great game for passing the time while you wait, travel, etc. Not for the storyboard type of players but definitely something to do between here and there.

Pocket buddy

This game is very entertaining. Very easy to catch on and level up to grow more bud. Just need more options.

Pretty cool game

Game is pretty cool a few in app purchases.. it would be cool after grow so much that it automatically opens up level..

Fun but time consuming

Cool game overall. Is a bit time consuming with certain strains. Overall cool to have running in the background.

Quite Funny

In a weird way I find it super cute. It has an innocent touch to it, but in reality you are growing different types of weed crops haha. I thought it was pretty easy to follow and self-explanatory (not much brain power needed). So it's nice for those random moments when you just want to kill time. I like the animations and thought the idea behind it was well executed, by after 15 mins or so of playing it does get kind of boring. They should find a way to spice it up a bit!!!

Pocket Buddy Review

Hilarious app! If you are a marijuana smoker, you will LOVE this app. The app uses all the smokers lingo and has humorous options. Reminds me a little of a "tamagotchi" toy because you have to nurture and take care of your plant. A very fun game for sure!


This game takes some time to get used to and understand but once you do can be pretty fun and easy to get hooked on.

HIGH amounts of fun lol

I love this little virtual plant, taking care of it is a great way to pass time. I don't mind the plant and product knowledge either . Would recommend to friends.

Good time passer

It was okay. It wasn't anything too special except the theme was about marijuana. Good time passer or potential training for the up-and-coming growers.


I don't understand the point of the game but once you start playing it does become addictive somehow.

Green Game

The game is cool... kinda for kids rather than an extremely bored adult.. but all in all cool

Pocket buddy review

Fun game!! Would be better if you could plant more at a time

Tons of fun

This is a really entertaining game!!

Does not work when app is closed

The water in the pot disappears when the app closes even when at max and although I get a notification that says "ready to harvest" I open the app and there is no water and the timer is set back where it was when I closed. Please fix

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